Charlotte Ashlock

Whimsical Whys

October 21, 2013 My Poetry Writing 0
It’s the skeptic who needs to doubt himself,
It’s the loser who always wins.
The rich don’t know the meaning of wealth,
And the fish can’t find their fins.
Its the genius who needs to get a clue,
While the moron looks on and grins.
The priest will never heal you, but
The doctor can’t absolve your sins.
It’s the righteous man who stumbles,
Its the perfect man who’s flawed,
Anyone who’d rather talk than listen,
Just needs to get a job.
The celebrities are ugly,
So the one that I’ll adore
Is not inside my TV screen,
But standing at my door.
Prince Charming cleans the gutters,
Cinderella is my dog.
I’d only kiss a princess if
It turned me into frog.
Pigs grow wings when they love birds,
And wings grow birds when they love pigs.
The one who finds the treasure,
Is not the one who digs.
The popular are lonely,
The holy must be saved.
Maybe Samson was a foolish man,
But he sure looked better shaved.
The truth of the lie that they’re telling,
Can be guessed by the way they disguise.
And if you ask me why I am smiling,
It’s because love has made me wise.
You’ll never know what you might get,
But you know what you can be.
So be brave, reach up, stand tall, who knows–
You might turn into a tree.

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