I’ve decided to start writing poetry again


It’s been a long time since I wrote.
I wonder if the words will come.
And yet, in a deep shivery corner of my self,
I feel the words are waiting for me,
They are standing in the long blue halls of my imagination, wrapped up in cloaks, and ready to spring awake at the touch of my music,
Ready to waltz on the shining floor
Under the great gold chandelier
Hung from the dome of my brain,
They have been waiting, those words, in their hungry silent thousands
Waiting for my call
Ready to take my heart and ceremoniously bear it from its hidden place in the dark caves,
And present it in the open rough hot wind and sunshine,
Present it for your gaze.
Treat my heart gently for it is not easy for me to show it to you,
Dear readers.

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