In curating my portfolio, I’m not choosing the pieces I personally like the best; I’m choosing the pieces that factually speaking (in terms of metrics) have accomplished something interesting. Fellow web nerds: enjoy reading the stats and fun facts that accompany these links!

Examples of Babylist Projects

Baby Essentials

Stat: Within a week of publication, this secured a spot on Google’s front page for the keyword phrase “baby essentials.”

The 125 Best Books for Your Baby’s Library

Stat: This received nearly 500 organic repins on Pinterest (no ad spend required!) and has a top row spot on the Pinterest search for “best baby books.”

Pregnancy Halloween Costumes You’ll Just Love

Stat: This received a 36% clickthrough rate in our newsletter, six or seven times bigger than a regular clickthrough rate for articles.

What Makes the Best Family Dog

Stat: This piece received 119,958 links from 24 domains, putting it in our top ten organic link earners in Google Webmaster Tools.

Why Do We Still Give Single Moms a Hard Time?

This is notable because we received glowing user feedback about our sensitivity to diversity. Not respecting diverse family types is a missed opportunity for many parenting & pregnancy publications!

VIDEO: How to Set Up a Graco Pack n Play

Although I served as production assistant for over 20 videos on the Babylist YouTube channel, this one is most interesting to me because it’s got over 23,000 views without us doing much to promote it.  YouTube search optimization for the win!

Examples of Berrett-Koehler Projects

Traditional Print Books (Editor Role): 

Mastering the New Media Landscape, by Barbara Cave Henricks & Rusty Shelton

Online Marketing for Busy Authors by Fauzia Burke

Free PDF “Lead Magnets”:

10 things you can offer your employees that are BETTER than a raise

12 Secrets to Crafting and Framing Clickable Content

Blog Posts:

All three of these articles received well-above average traffic for a typical blog post; I think in each case the reason for that was I selected a good author (or in one case, a literary agent) to co-promote them.

How to Get the Best Opportunity of Your Life

How to Get Insane Numbers of Blog Comments

New To Twitter? You Know More Than You Think


Author videos I edited or filmed that seem to have resonated.

Mobilized: An Insider’s Guide to the Business & Future of Connected Technology

How to Deprogram Your Biases

3 Elements of Good Leadership

Examples of Purely Fun Personal Projects

What do Mathematicians Do All Day?

My father is a math professor, and he writes a blog about how to love math instead of fearing it. I’m his personal editor & content strategist, and this is his top post (over 1000 hits). Yep, dad’s learning to do “content marketing” for the field of mathematics; and he’s rocking it! I’m so proud of him.

Exploratorium Science Museum in San Francisco

This is the most popular video on my personal video blog. Clearly very unprofessional (I had no equipment beyond a phone and iMovie) but it showcases my sense of humor and personality, for sure.

Social Justice Dragon

This is a political comedy Facebook page I created. Not much marketing “reach” (I deliberately only invited select family and friends to join) but a nice vent for the imaginative & snarky side of my personality.