Who I Am

HeadshotOnce I was arguing with someone on Twitter, and I said, “I’m not crazy!” He replied, “Yes you are. It’s in your name!” I laughed, because it was true. Sometimes I need reminders not to take myself so seriously; which is why I named myself CrazyIdealist on all the social media platforms.

There are other reasons, too. Sometimes you have to be a little bit crazy to take on the biggest problems, the most exciting challenges. I’m always looking for the new way of doing things which is “just crazy enough to work.” And I’ve attempted to do various idealistic things in my life.

For example, I’ve volunteered in African and inner city neighborhoods, and set up websites for a large activist network. Those experiences were painful ones, full of learning and growth, that helped me better understand the complex roots of injustice. Although I think a better world is coming, I don’t think it’s going to come easily or on the first try.

Living in the Bay Area, you hear a lot about how start-ups are going to disrupt, innovate, and change everything. Every day, the Internet brings attention to causes, discoveries, and art we never otherwise would have heard about. We’re seeing more diverse perspectives than ever before, and that has caused rumblings. There’s an increasing schism between those who are shutting their hearts in response to this new stimuli, and those who are opening up.

Which brings me to: what would I like to do with my life? I would like to discover how to use technology to create a more inclusive economy and culture. I may have started out as a tree-hugger, but I now look to technology and capitalism for the answers. They are powerful tools, if we can learn how to wield them with empathy.


I’m the editor and online promoter of the Occupy Math blog, which has the mission of making math easier, more accessible, and less scary. Read all about Occupy Math’s mission here.

I’m a contributor to the Rewrite Mary Sue blog, which has the mission of promoting the writing and reading of strong, “unabridged” female characters in literature.