Motivation for Writing This Blog

Motivation for Writing This Blog

August 11, 2010 My Life 2

Blatant self-promotion, of course.   I blame my hopelessly individualistic, navel-gazing culture.   Blogging, vlogging, tweeting: the commotion never stops.   Anything to prove we’re just as special as everyone else.   In the famous words of DASH, from the animation movie The Incredibles, “Saying everyone is special, is just a way of saying no one is.”

I sympathize with you, Dash.   I too am hiding my mutant superpowers in a hopeless attempt to conform with societal norms. If only my story could end as happily as yours did.   How did we become such cynics, Dash?  Aren’t you supposed to be a carefree 9-year-old?  And aren’t I supposed to be an idealist?

Rheinhold Neibuhr famously said, “The opposite of a great truth is not a falsehood. It is another great truth. It is the dynamic tensions between polar opposites that hold the field of truth.”

I am a strong believer in finding truth in the tension between opposites.   Cynicism and idealism are two sides of the same coin.   The glass may be half full or half empty but damn you care about what is in that glass.   That’s why the world is full of cynical idealists and idealistic cynics.

Apathy has no opposite and holds no truth.   The apathetic don’t even  know there is a glass.  I hope you die of thirst, suckers.  Don’t you know apathy is BORING?

Stop by later for more deranged insights.   I’m hoping this will be a biweekly thing, but we’ll see.  I love you all.


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  1. Masa says:

    Excellent idea, looking forward to future posts! (miss you)

  2. Terrifying isn’t it. The creation if online hubbub is always a bit of a weird one, but at least you are approaching it with a sense of humour. I was reading some ‘freshly pressed’ nonsense yesterday and stumbled across a whole bunch of idiots discussing whether or not its a good idea to use Twitter?!??!
    I was dumbfounded. Online chatter about the worth of another medium of online chatter, amazing. Its like those TV programmes about other TV programmes.

    The acceptance that nobody (including oneself) is special can actually be quite liberating. I have spent years (and still do, its uncontrollable) trying to gain recognition from playing music and acting like a fool, but when you accept that most people are so blinkered and (as you say) individualistic they wont care what you do, it can leave you feeling a little more freedom.

    I look forward to reading your stuff because its not too dissimilar to what I have just started yesterday. Read my blog and you shall probably be the first, that would be nice. It may even validate my stupid puerile thoughts.

    Am I That Bugs Bunny?

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