Random Library Kid

Random Library Kid

July 29, 2011 Social Change 1

Today a 17-year old came in saying his boss had asked him to do a crossword puzzle.  I helped him find a crossword puzzle about football, and asked him what his job was.  He said he went down to RIT on Saturdays and worked on “business challenges.”  It was nice to meet a kid who was on the right track.

When he finished the puzzle, he saw the candy I had for the kids who did the Daily Writing Challenge.  He decided to do the writing challenge and get some candy.   The writing prompt was, “If you could meet any person from the past, who would you meet?  Describe the conversation you would have.”  He wrote:

If I could meet a person from the past it would be my father.  If I seen him I would say:

Me: Hey, how you been?

Dad: I’ve been in Heaven.  How’s your brothers and sisters?

Me: They’re doing really great.  Were you watching us?

Dad: Yeah, every day I was looking down on you guys.

Me: I missed you so much.

Dad: Yeah, me too.

It wasn’t what I expected when I wrote the prompt.  I was thinking they would choose a famous figure from history.  You know, sometimes random stuff like this just gets to me.



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  1. Under carefully controlled conditions, the experimental subject will do what they damn well please. It is impossible to anticipate all the ways a person will respond to a given challenge.

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