Crazy Idealist is now a youtuber

Crazy Idealist is now a youtuber

June 22, 2013 Social Media 2

charlotte-ashlock-on-youtubeI’ve been watching a lot of the vlogbrothers youtube channel, and they’ve created this whole online community around the motto “Don’t Forget to Be Awesome” (typically shortened to its acronym, dftba.)    They do a lot of good in the world:  raise money for charity, encourage thoughtfulness and laughter, promote creativity by nurturing fledgling vloggers.    Watching them made me decide I should start youtubing too, at least every once and awhile.

So here’s my first-ever video!!!  To make sure it would be interesting, I have lots of footage of animals.    My goal is to show the similarities in personality between animals and humans.   We always forget that humans are animals too.  🙂

Anyway, I hope you enjoy, despite the many amateurish mistakes I made (yes, yes I’m still getting the hang of good video editing.)    Also, if you want to make sure you see future videos I create, make sure to go to my channel and subscribe.

If you have any thoughts on what kinds of videos I should make in the future (what you’d enjoy seeing) please leave them in the comments.   I want to stick with the Deranged Idealist theme to some extent, but that leaves a lot of room for flexibility & creativity.

🙂   Thank you

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  1. Daniel Ashlock says:

    Okay, you mined to zoo for a lot of cute. And YES you were quite the tiger cub.

  2. Jinny says:

    Pete and I used to take your father to this zoo a LOT, Char. (Uncle Joe was born in Hawaii, which also had an excellent, though small, zoo where we could go all together.) All of us liked the San Fransico zoo very much, enough to take the bus from Berkeley before we got rich enough to take driving lessons and buy a second-hand car. It has changed some, but not out of all recognition. Remember, Pete was a biologist?

    Of course we are all animals. I don’t think it would be hard to imagine being a noble grass or else a more traditional tree. Littler grasses and petunias would take some doing, though. Even bugs are animals, and very engaging ones. Worth watching. Baby bugs can be terminally cute, such as very very young grasshoppers, several dozens of which got “born” in one of my pot plants one sunny morning.

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