Walk in the Sky to Look for the Sun

Walk in the Sky to Look for the Sun

May 20, 2016 My Poetry 0

Blue petals rain from a sky of flowers,
If I can walk all the way up to the sky,
Perhaps I can find the sun.
They tell me the sun is an all-consuming ball of fire,
But I am not ready to be consumed.
So I think the sun will appear to me as a bright yellow bunny,
Bigger than a watermelon,
Plumper than a baby,
Sleeker than a silk sheet.

I peer and squint up at the sky, where a field of endless blue flowers is growing.
The bunny hops somewhere there among the flowers,
Not glowing to burn my eyes,
But yellow like a crayon in a child’s box.
If I run fast enough towards the horizon,
Will I spin around and turn upside down?

Then the blue flowers of the sky will brush my ankles like soft hands,
The flower field will smell just like a bakery overwhelmingly full of blueberry pie.
I just want to find that bunny,
Take his warm fluffy weight in my arms,
And go to sleep with him licking my chin.
Because, you know, someone who possesses the Power of the Sun,
Can never be alone again.


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