Dryad Origin Story

Dryad Origin Story

May 24, 2016 My Poetry 1

A baby was growing inside a tree in the center of the forest,
Birch bark skin and moss green hair,
Curled in a knothole as nice as you please,
Waiting for spring and listening to the rustling of mother’s leaves.
A fox came playing by, red jumping fun,
And yipped at the baby, “Hey! That’s not where you belong!”
The tree opened her earth-dark eyes and spoke in a slow rumble.

“She’s born from a wish.
It isn’t safe in the city for babies anymore.
So she’s growing here, where she can be safe and beautiful and strong.”
The fox sat with its ear half-cocked.
“Won’t she miss her people?”
The tree replied,
“Her people are mad.”

Back in the city, the former mother sat weeping.
“I wished you away from the madness,” she told her empty belly,
“But now I will never know the color of your eyes.”


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