Memories of an unfallen world

Memories of an unfallen world

May 28, 2016 My Poetry 0

A long time ago, before I was born,
My soul seems to remember
Walking over long green hills in a bath of breeze and sun,
The dust made sparkling clouds at my feet,
And my fingers on my harp were quick,
As I sang stories at the crossroad kitchens,
For tasty bread and warm blankets.


remember looking

down a set of branching paths,
And feeling the beauty of an endless road that was mine to explore.
I remember lying under a sunset and feeling my heart spinning with the birds against the cool orange flames,
I remember tasting a salty sea breeze like it was the taste of freedom,
And hearing the faint restless music of the ocean.
I remember picking up a seashell and longing for love.

These memories without time or place are mine,
And sometimes I think all the beauty of earth is an echo or reflection of those memories.


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