The side that is winning

The side that is winning

June 14, 2016 My Poetry 1

When shooters strike, we line up around the block to give blood.
When a rape victim can’t get justice, her friends and family stand beside her with all the love in their bodies.
When gender nonconforming people are hassled in bathrooms, we share viral videos of support.
When women are burned in honor killings, we start nonprofits to give them secret laptops for writing poetry.
When a little Japanese girl dies of radiation sickness, years later the President folds a paper crane in her memory.
When my friend’s daughter is hurt in a motorcycle accident, our church organizes to bring them a week of dinners.
When YouTube and Twitter are full of rape threats, Jessica Jones defeats her abuser in a Netflix original series.
When the teenager is crying alone in the bathroom, the kind librarian is planning what graphic novel will help him find his identity.
When you write on Facebook about the pain of the world,
Just don’t forget to keep score:
The good guys are winning.


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  1. danwell42 says:

    I think one thing that lets people get to where they can shoot up a nightclub or church is the clear evidence that everyone in the world agrees that shooting up the evil degenerates is a good idea. How on earth is that possible? By living in an echo chamber where you only hear people that agree with you. The walls of an echo chamber are not, however, made of steel and so voices like Charlotte’s have a chance of penetrating. Thus I say, raise your voices in exaltation of joy and condemnation of hatred.

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