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My good friend King Arthur.

My good friend King Arthur.

I am the daughter of a mathematician & a computer scientist.   They brought me up on imagination, logic, and skepticism.  I have a deep reverence both for the wonders of nature and human achievement.   I have two younger brothers, one of them an aspiring social worker with an anthropology degree from McGill (follow him on Twitter @culturestress) and the other one a brilliant classical guitarist.    I come from a long, proud line of nerds and bookworms.

I became an idealist, because (like Don Quixote) reading fantasy books about chivalry and honor rotted my brains.   I particularly enjoy the works of Lois Bujold, because her characters find ways to do the right thing even in the most impossible of circumstances.   I have a liberal arts degree from Bard College: home of the neurotic artists, and over-reactionary liberal treehuggers.    My alma mater’s president is famous for being on the Colbert Report, bringing Bard-quality education to prisoners and Palestinians, and most importantly, for wearing a bowtie.

For my Bard College Senior Project, I subjected my poor advisors to 100 pages on the International Ecovillage Movement.   When doing my bibliography, I noticed a mysteriously large number of my sources were published by the same company, Berrett-Koehler Publishers.  I then proceeded to get an internship at said company, which specializes in idealistic books and has the mission, “Creating a World That Works For All.”

After my internship, I moved to Rochester NY to do a year of Americorps.  Every day I worked in a library in the hood, desperately bribing black and Latino teenagers with candy to please pry themselves off Facebook and due my frickin’ enrichment activities.   I would have been eaten alive, if not for my coworker, a black lady named Ms. V who grew up in the neighborhood and could have faced down a ninja through her sheer intimidation powers (but she had a heart of gold.)


The unicorn says hi.

After Americorps, I moved to Boston where I worked as a Web Associate for the Public Interest Network.    The Public Interest Network is basically like a shadowy Illuminati organization based on Ralph Nader’s values.

They control U.S. PIRG, Environment America, the Toxics Action Center, GreenCorps, and many other nonprofits which you mistakenly believe are separate organizations but are in fact master-minded by the same central administration.  Although I agree with the Public Interest Network’s goals, I was disheartened by their semi-abusive treatment of their employees (IF YOU DO NOT IGNORE YOUR FRIENDS AND WORK LATE, GLOBAL WARMING IS…ALL…. YOUR…FAULT!)   However, the web management and SEO skills I learned while working with them were worth their weight in gold.

So it was a blessing when Berrett-Koehler Publishers, home of my former internship, hired me back as  Digital Producer & Editor.   It is my dream job, because I get to work with world-saving ideas and authors all day long.  I also get all the books they publish for free.   (My friend’s reaction when he heard of this perq: “Oh my god.  How will they make any money with you taking all their books?”)   Honestly, I am not that bad.   Unlike my parent’s room, you can still see my floor.    The floor of my parent’s room is so covered with books you can only see the carpet in scraps and patches here and there.

Other things about me.   I am a Nerdfighter (which for Youtube illiterates, means a fan of http://youtube.com/vlogbrothers).    I live in a co-op in West Oakland with six humans, twelve chickens, three cats, and one dog.   I wish the world had more cooperative living, Michael Pollan style food, skyscrapers covered with trees, tea houses, outdoor pianos, community gardens, u-pick fruit, and bicycle lanes.   I am an environmentalist, and my coworker Jeevan continually compliments me on how I manage to be an environmentalist without also being a grim, humorless, fanatic.   I didn’t always have a sense of humor, but it’s what keeps me alive, so I try to hang onto it.

Love you all.  And I mean that sincerely.  The trolls too.  * Blows some kisses *


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  1. Hello – it’s your twitter buddy! Haven’t you got the smarts; I feel positively intimidated. Nice to know you and thank you for the smiles this morning!

  2. jaklumen says:

    Was reading this to my wife (@wavemistress/”Cimmy”), because I saw more things of mutual interest 🙂 Stuff like Lois McMaster Bujold, Nerdfighters, things I knew she’d recognize.

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